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Reach your community where they are and make public decision-making more inclusive, efficient, and data-driven.

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Community engagement platformCommunity engagement platform

Amplifying and analyzing your community’s voices and topics they care about, all in one engagement tool


From survey and polling capabilities to our custom participatory budgeting tool, streamline your engagement projects on our platform.


Easily adjust platform and project settings to your needs, manage community ideas, and continuously share key information with the community and your team.


With weekly reports and AI-powered analytics, you’ll stay up to date on what’s happening and who’s engaging with your community.

Crafting engaging participation journeys

With CitizenLab, create tailored journeys that mix various methods
from our community engagement tool, all in one place.



Keep your residents in the loop every step of the way and encourage a culture of civic learning and curiosity. With our follow function, residents can simply click to follow any project or discussion they're interested in and receive updates, allowing them to stay informed and engage when they're ready.


Inform your community through various formats like interactive project timelines, detailed and custom project pages, and rich media. Plus, thanks to the built-in email tool, you can easily connect with registered users.

Official Updates

Consolidate input and easily provide official updates on individual submissions by community members or global updates to your broader user base via our Input Manager.

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Ask your community tailored questions to understand their needs and expectations better, and leverage our integrated AI analysis tool to distill open-text responses easily. Use our built-in CitizenLab survey tool, or embed your favorite third-party survey software.


Gather feedback on a specific topic to quickly understand their priorities.


Option Analysis

Invite your community to analyze and understand different potential scenarios, before gathering their feedback.


Allow your community to provide feedback & ideas visually on a map and interact with their neighborhood.



Co-create solutions with your community members by giving them a platform to give new ideas.

Online Workshops

Organize live discussions and facilitate online, real-time deliberation.


Community Proposals

Enable community members to suggest projects on any given topic and gather support, in a dynamic environment where ideas flow in a two-way street.

Voting & prioritization

Engage your community in decision-making by presenting a curated set of options or scenarios. They can vote on their preferences or distribute a specified number of votes among multiple items to indicate which should be a priority, helping you gauge public opinion for key focus areas.

Participatory Budgeting

Let your community members allocate a specific project budget using our tool to get insights into what they think you should invest in.

Easy project launch and management

Setting up and managing projects shouldn't be a juggling act that slows you down. CitizenLab’s engagement platform is your all-in-one space where team members can collaborate seamlessly, each with roles tailored to their part in the projects.

Fast, flexible platform & project setup

Transform your platform into a trusted, easily recognizable space with customization options for layout and visuals. Our CMS-like builder empowers you to effectively convey your project's narrative, enhancing understanding. Additionally, you have the flexibility to engage your community in a way that suits them best. Whether it’s through registered or anonymous participation or the ability to create smart groups (based on specific conditions like location or interests), you can ensure targeted and relevant engagement.

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Efficient project communication

Enhance your communication with our suite of integrated tools. With the ability to upload email addresses, you can extend personalized invitations to every community member. Targeted email campaigns using smart groups allow for more personalized communication with specific groups. Automated activity digests ensure continued engagement.

Management and moderation made easy

Easily manage your platform users with our automated user segmentation functionality and organize your wide range of community groups. Tailor targeted consultation programs with specific community groups in a few clicks.

Faster and better insights with built-in dashboards and AI

Balancing online and offline engagement often leads to scattered data, making it tough to process and analyze effectively. Many teams end up buried in spreadsheets, struggling with time-consuming reporting, and finding it hard to track and adapt ongoing projects. CitizenLab tackles these challenges head-on.

Unparalleled analysis process with Sensemaking

Our platform's built-in AI assistant, Sensemaking, accelerates your understanding of community input. Rely on our assistant to swiftly group input by (auto)tagging keywords, enabling faster and more intuitive navigation. The AI tool can also generate concise summaries for each project, distilling key takeaways in moments. Want more nuanced insights into the qualitative data? Simply ask questions to dive deeper.

Learn more about Sensemaking
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Enhanced engagement tracking

You’ll always have a comprehensive understanding of the interactions on your platform thanks to advanced dashboards. Gain a clear view of engagement across your platform, with the flexibility to focus on specific projects or topics. Delve into participant demographics, identifying which groups are actively participating and how they do it. With this knowledge, you can tailor your initiatives to resonate better and reach more people.

Efficient project reporting

Elevate your reporting process with our reporting features, designed to save time and enhance the quality of your insights. Automate digests for you and your team, ensuring everyone stays informed. For a more comprehensive analysis or impactful presentations, effortlessly export platform data as spreadsheets or customizable images. Plus, our API allows for easy integration with your preferred data software, streamlining your workflow.


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We’re committed to maintaining data security for all our clients
Our team understands security, safety, and privacy’s essential roles in building trust between governments, organizations, and community members. CitizenLab is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and ISAE 3000 Type 1 certified, so you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.
CitizenLab makes community engagement and public decision-making more...
Governments working with CitizenLab have seen a 12x increase in resident engagement, including from underheard groups.
With higher participation, residents who engage report 56% higher trust in local government.
Thanks to tailored features, governments spend 55% less time on analysis and reporting, allowing for more continuous engagement.
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