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A complete participation platform. Reach more community members, manage their ideas efficiently, and make decisions based on real-time data.
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How does our community engagement platform work?


Collect innovative ideas, let your community express priorities for budget allocation, or organize online workshops - all in one place.


Easy to use and easy to set up: moderate comments, process community members' input and share relevant information with your team.


Make sense of the data you collect and identify actionable insights about your community’s needs to make better decisions.

Why choose CitizenLab?

Accessible and easy-to-use

An intuitive and straightforward experience, our platform lets you manage your setup and projects with ease.

Powerful back-office and analytics

Take full control of customizing and managing the platform, whilst saving time processing and visualizing your community's input data, thanks to our AI-powered reporting module.

Partners in engagement

We have a dedicated Government Success team to train you on the platform and support your engagement processes.

Impact driven and transparent

We've opened our code and are always receptive to client feedback for improving the platform.


Inform and engage community members using one of the many built-in participation methods.

Want to include young community members in your local sustainability actions? Looking for a quick and easy solution to gather feedback on an urban planning project? The CitizenLab platform lets you launch projects using a variety of consultation methods, without having to juggle different tools.


surveys participation methods

Ask your community questions to better understand their needs and expectations.

polls participation methods

Ask your community for feedback on a specific topic to quickly understand their priorities.


option analysis participation methods
Option analysis

Share information about different scenarios to help community members make informed decisions.

mapping participation method

Visualize ideas on a map and see at a glance what is happening in each neighborhood or a specific area.


ideation participation method

Co-create ideas and solutions together with your community members. 

online workshops participation method
Online workshops

Organize live discussions and facilitate online, real-time deliberation.

participatory budgeting feature
Participatory budgeting

Let your community members allocate a budget to get insights into what they think you should invest in.


proposals feature

Enable community members to suggest projects on any given topic and gather support.

volunteering feature

For projects already in the works, create space to
coordinate and organize your volunteers

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Easily set up and follow up on engagement projects through our powerful back office.

Our back office helps you keep track of all your projects and manage content in real-time. Launch your next engagement project in a few clicks, move live projects to a next phase, and start discussions between participants or moderators to deep dive into key issues.

engagement toolbox visual

Your platform, your design

Create a platform that feels familiar to your community. You can style the platform to fit your brand and decide which information to gather to create custom groups. Think of the platform as the digital hub of your community - one that matches its unique spirit, values, and needs.

Easily launch projects and follow up on community input

Launch your own custom project through CitizenLab’s project builder, or use an existing project template for an even faster process. With our smart group functionality, you can easily organize targeted consultations that are specific to the issues and needs of different groups in your community.

Communicate and close the feedback loop with integrated tools

It’s crucial to communicate about the launch and outcomes of your projects. On the platform, you can upload lists of contacts and invite them to participate. Once your project is over, you can share the results with all participants with the click of a button.

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Dive into real-time data and base decisions on what your community really needs.

Our automated dashboards and reports help you extract reliable insights for smarter decision-making. Learn from your community and make better decisions that will increase support.

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Uncover the main trends and hot topics

Our automated dashboards use Natural Language Processing to cluster similar ideas and extract keywords, summaries, allowing you to see what the community is talking about at a glance.

All the insights you need for reporting

All of your relevant metrics at a glance: activity, participant demographics, traffic sources, location-specific feedback, and more.

Export your data

Want to dive deeper into the data? Just export the contributions.

Take your participation project
to the next level with CitizenLab

Engage with a broader audience

Bring your townhall online and speak to a more diverse audience.  69% of our users are younger than 45. Your residents want to have a say wherever and whenever it suits them best.

Make better decisions

Gather real-time insights from your community to make better decisions and increase support for your policies.

Get tailored support

Our digital participation experts guide you every step of the way, from setting up the platform to communicating with citizens.

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