Participant Management

Next-level community management system

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A powerful participant management system

A centralized dashboard

Manage participants or groups and their permissions easily from one centralized dashboard. Easily export participant data into spreadsheets.
Automated participant segmentation
Set up manual groups or create ‘Smart groups’ that dynamically update based on your pre-defined parameters.
Secure invitation & onboarding
Securely invite people to the platform using your city’s ID verification system or unique identification codes.

Engage communities in your own unique ways

Configurable permission levels

Effortlessly manage all platform participants and their access to folders or projects on your platform.

Easy participant management

Leverage automated ‘Smart groups’ to create targeted consultations and collaboration.

A secure platform for all participants

Secure your platform with your city’s ID verification system or unique identification codes.
governments across the world
have trusted CitizenLab with their engagement projects
In 2021, over
participated in projects securely across our platform
CitizenLab platforms are
ISO 27001 certified
for their security
and Information Security Management System (ISMS)

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Centralize your engagement efforts with CitizenLab's digital platform and make it easier to gather insightful, data-driven feedback from your community.

Case study
Stirling’s centralised community engagement promotes safe and impactful participation
When the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves to communities around the world, Stirling Council found itself with a conundrum: how could they get valuable community input without in-person meetings?
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Blog post
4 reasons why social media isn’t enough for community engagement
When it comes to meaningful and effective community engagement, especially if it’s in pursuit of inclusive and equitable policy-making, social media lacks the moderation, security, and deliberation required for officials to make truly representative decisions.
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Moderating difficult conversations online
People don't always see eye to eye on polarizing or high-stake topics. Some conversations require a lot of work to reach a point of mutual understanding, and there's always the risk things get heated. This is why moderation is so crucial.
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