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CitizenLab is a civic engagement platform on which citizens co-create their city. Our solution is the medium for cities to make decision-making more democratic, more transparent and more collaborative. CitizenLab aims at making tomorrow’s governments more citizen-centric, through their user-friendly cloud software, insightful data analytics and focus on mobile.

At CitizenLab, we come to work every day because we want to shape digital citizen participation. As an unstoppable urbanization is taking place and cities might become more important than nations, it's time to unlock the powerhouse of collective intelligence that is residing in our cities!

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CitizenLab helps governments become more citizen-centric, through our user-friendly cloud software, insightful data analytics and focus on mobile. Request your demo and discover why!

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Wietse Van Ransbeeck

Wietse (23) is passionate about how governance will change in the digital age. Hyperconnectivity, pulses of real-time data and an ever-growing internet adoption shape opportunities for citizens and cities alike to come closer together. He believes that CitizenLab can have a significant impact in the future on how cities will be governed. Wietse has an eductional background in Business Engineering (Solvay Brussels School, Brussels).

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Aline Muylaert

Aline (23) graduated at the Solvay Brussels School (VUB) as Business Engineer. Nurtured by her keen interest in urban studies and citizen involvement, Aline co-founded CitizenLab. Today, Aline is CitizenLab’s Head of Sales and helps making our customers happy.

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Koen Gremmelprez

Koen (29) obtained his Master in both Computer Sciences and Management at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Koen is a full-stack web developer with over five years’ experience building scalable web solutions.