Our templates and worksheets

Take your engagement projects to the next level today. Our templates and worksheets are tailor-made for participation practitioners like you. Looking for a tool to refine or assess your strategy? Want to optimize your internal organization? Dive into our selection of templates and worksheets and get to work.

Engagement persona template

To build a truly inclusive engagement strategy, it's crucial to deeply understand the needs and preferences of each group within your community. A proven method to achieve this is by developing “engagement personas”. Our template lists the questions to which you need an answer to create your engagement personas.

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Team roles and responsibilities worksheet

Our advice to cities with no dedicated engagement department is to bring together what we call a “core engagement team”. The goal of this worksheet is to help you identify and define the roles and responsibilities of your core engagement team, and who you need to bring to the table. By clearly outlining the team's structure, you can optimize collaboration and streamline your engagement efforts.

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Online engagement canvas

Launching (online) engagement projects is not something you should leave up to chance. Our engagement experts developed a simple framework for setting up your engagement strategy: the online engagement canvas. It allows you to define the different building blocks of a project and by extension your wider engagement strategy.

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