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5 steps to build a culture of engagement in your city

Ensuring that your community engagement is successful and worthwhile requires the full buy-in and continuous support from all levels of the community, starting with your organization and eventually also your residents. It requires developing a culture of engagement in your city. This doesn’t have to be daunting, and in the...
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Community engagement for environmental justice and sustainability

Objectively, climate change and environmental issues affect everyone. It’s also undeniable that marginalized groups are affected disproportionately by them, having traditionally lived and worked closest to pollution hazards such as hazardous waste facilities or in communities with a lack of clean water.   As a result of these long-standing injustices, the...
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Promoting sustainable development with community engagement

By engaging their communities and tapping into collective intelligence, cities across the globe can set better priorities and facilitate sustainable development on a local scale.  But what does sustainable development really entail? And how can local governments harness the power of their community to spark real, tangible change? If you’re...
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How to create a climate action plan through community engagement

Wildfires. Drought. Hurricanes. Floods. These days it seems like everywhere you look, some part of the world is experiencing a natural disaster. While some climate changes are natural, today’s rising temperatures and abnormal weather patterns are a direct result of human activities. While organizations, countries, and individuals are all taking...
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What does environmental and sustainability action look like? 5 examples

Whether it’s a commitment to sustainable urban development, waste and pollution control, managing biodiversity, or educating households and businesses on environmental policy, local governments play a critical role in moving forward environmental programs in their local communities. Because environment and sustainability projects are so complex and far-reaching, when creating plans...
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