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A year in review of online engagement in Seattle, WA

By definition, comprehensive plans are complex, long-range, and broad in scope. The planning and engagement processes for these plans often take over two years to complete. This can make it difficult to establish and maintain meaningful engagement with community members throughout the process. Using CitizenLab’s user-friendly and accessible online engagement...
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Norwich, CT teams up with local development corporation to develop a community engagement platform

Here at CitizenLab, we love to celebrate the successes of our clients. With so many incredible community development and engagement projects taking place on our platform across the world, we hope to record some best practices and share them with local governments to encourage peer learning and inspiration. Oftentimes, we...
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Carlisle, PA develops a vibrant engagement platform to revamp public spaces for its community

Looking to create a more official and consolidated platform that allowed for additional oversight and increased transparency in government operations, such as the redesign of public spaces, the Carlisle team began looking at community engagement platforms. In mid-2021, they launched a CitizenLab platform and set out to generate ideas about how to use their new public spaces.

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