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Citizen participation made easy

The ready-to-use civic engagement platform to reach more citizens, manage your participation projects, and drive better decisions.

“Civic engagement platform brings the town hall online”


“The co-creation platform that any city can roll-out!


CitizenLab is the civic engagement platform for your city.

CitizenLab is the best way to strengthen the relationship with your citizens and better understand their preferences — whether on specific projects, on how to improve their neighbourhood, or a priority on the council’s agenda.

CitizenLab on iPad
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Discover how our clients are using CitizenLab in our Cases Section 


Empower your citizens to participate in the local policy-making

Submit proposals

Submit proposals

Sharing ideas or proposals is never more than 2 clicks away.


Collaborate on ideas

Citizens engage with each other and enrich other’s ideas.


Vote up or down

The wisdom of the crowd gets communicated through voting.

All the necessary functionalities to bring your town hall online



Inform citizens about the city projects or rather consult them on their proposals in order to co-create your municipality.



Smart moderation of ideas and proposals, within your defined timelines and projects. Segment your users in groups.



A full analytics dashboard at your fingertips, with frequent email reports. Data exports and API permanently available.

yet fully customisable

CitizenLab focuses on usability: citizens are maximum two clicks away from any action they want to perform. On desktop or mobile, we’ve designed the software to feel natural for people of all ages.

For the city administrators, the platform takes you fluently through the whole participation process. From customising the branding, to adding projects, timelines or adapting newsletters,… We’re proud of it’s ease-of-use!

The central place to engage with your citizens.

Reach more citizens than ever before
Save time and resources on processing citizen input
Deeply understand your citizens and make informed decisions

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