The citizen participation toolbox for governments

A citizen engagement platform for local governments. Reach more citizens, manage their ideas efficiently, and make decisions based on real-time data.
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+100 local authorities run their citizen engagement on CitizenLab.
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How does it work?

If citizens don't come to your town hall...

A time-consuming endeavour

Going from capturing your citizens' input to delivering a final report to the council takes time... too much time. 

Always the same, small audiences

It always seems to be the same small group of citizens that shows up at your neighbourhood meetings.

... we bring the town hall to your citizens.

Save time on getting to insights

City officials spend on average 3x less time processing citizen input compared to before. Fine-grained insights are within reach.

Reach broader audiences

69% of our users are younger than 45. Your residents want to have a say wherever and whenever it suits them best.

How it works
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Screenshot of a citizen platform for VancouverCitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Engage citizens.

A whole engagement toolbox at your fingertips.

Consultation: surveys & polling
ideas, reactions, votes & budgeting
Communication: widget, invitations & socials
Information: interactive media, timeline & projects
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Screenshot of citizen ideas moderation on the platformCitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Manage their input.

Easily manage citizen input from your centralized dashboard.

Idea management
: status & feedback
Auto-moderation: prevention & spam reporting
Segmentation: roles & permissions
User management: invitations & groups
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Screenshot of citizen input analysis on the platformCitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Decide based on insights.

Make decisions using real-time, reliable data.

: classification & clustering
Insights: dashboard & analyses
Reporting: emails & notifications
Data management: export & API access
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One suite for all your engagement

CitizenLab helps governments of all sizes to reconnect with their citizens. Whether you organise participation via surveys or polling, via ideas for specific projects, or via a participatory budget, you can centralise it all on one easy-to-use engagement platform.
CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy
" The digital infrastructure that enables municipal governments to connect with their citizens. "
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Don't just take our word for it.

Over 100 local governments are already using CitizenLab to co-create their policy with a growing community of over 150.000 citizens.
"I am immensely pleased that so many people made their voices heard and shared their ideas with us. The numerous positive ideas strengthen our policy and ensure that we can set priorities that reflect reality. The user-friendly and well-arranged platform that Citizenlab has certainly contributed to the success of our participation initiative.”
Mohamed Ridouani
Mayor, City of Leuven
" The digital infrastructure that enables municipal governments to connect with their citizens. "

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