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“Citizens have one expertise: the one of their needs” – Interview with Stephen Boucher

During the Interconnectés Forum 2017 in Lyon (France), we met up with Stephen Boucher, professor at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management of the Université Libre de Bruxelles and author of the book...

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‘Slacktivism’: Legitimate Action or Just Lazy Liking?

It sounds like a contradictio in terminis, like ‘sound of silence’ or ‘sensible Trump tweet.’ But ‘slacktivism’, a contraction of ‘activism’ and uh, ‘slacking’, has become a widespread phenomenon that urges us...

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Recap: 5 Memorable E-Democracy Cases of 2018

The year is quickly drawing to a close. That brings along a sense of warmth and family, along with the pleasant prospect of lots of food and bubbles. But it’s also the perfect moment to reflect on the year that...

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Idea Sourcing to Solve Housing Crisis in Vancouver: A Case Study

In tackling the challenges of affordable housing, the Canadian city of Vancouver put the decision-making power where it belongs: with its people. The 2,530,746 Vancouverites were encouraged to share their ideas on...

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Why Citizen Initiatives Are Vital to Local Democracy: 4 Key Success Factors

Citizen initiatives are often presented as a potential antidote in the face of growing political disaffection in many parts of the world. However, all citizen initiatives differ from each other. We identified 4 key...

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Our Team Retreat to Rethink Citizen Engagement

We spent a fantastic three days together with the whole team in the woods around Durbuy, Belgium.  Wait, why a team retreat in the first place? That was exactly the question we asked everyone on the team before...

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10 Must-Read Books about Digital Democracy

As winter’s coming, you might find some more time to grab a book and learn about our democracies in the digital age. We have curated our favourite list of recently released books exploring how the Internet...