Participatory Budgeting

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Community budget allocation tool

Set your own budget & currency

Easily assign budgets to items and set spending limits - budgeting made easy.
The currency of your choice
Customize the shopping cart function with your choice of currency or points.
Multi-phase, multi-engagement projects
Build your own multi-phase engagement process with multiple engagement methods.

Invest in projects that matter

Budgeting made easy

Get insights & invest in projects that your community cares about the most.

Community support from the start

Gain community support for your upcoming projects by involving them more directly with participatory budgeting.

Quantified budgets, qualified understanding

Add different engagement methods to phases to explore the nuances in your participant's answers.
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collaborated on budgeting exercises with their governments
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The beginner’s guide to participatory budgeting
Participatory budgeting has emerged as one of the strongest methods of community engagement for governments looking to make their communities more inclusive and participatory. By organizing a participatory budget, you can tap directly into the collective intelligence of your community and align the allocation of public funds with real-life community needs.
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Case studies
Community Panels and Neighborhood Budgets: Ghent goes all in for participation
The city of Ghent has a longstanding tradition of participation. Recently, the city has not only quintupled its budget for participation projects but has also gathered an extensive team of participation experts and “neighborhood directors” to make co-creation even easier.
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Blog post
8 steps towards effective participatory budgeting
Participatory budgeting can be a powerful tool for cities to educate, engage, and empower communities. As one of the methods ranking highest on the participation ladder, this kind of engagement project transfers considerable decision-making power to residents and stakeholders and thus maximizes the many benefits of community engagement. But what does it all entail? And how do you get started?
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