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Automated text analysis tool

Automatic input categorization

We help you automatically categorize community posts with the click of a button by harnessing the power of our Natural Language Processing & AI.
Keyword visualization
Visualize what people are talking about most, and least, using our keyword maps, and easily search through your community’s interests.
Intuitive dashboards
Effortlessly collaborate with your colleagues to make sense of input and get actionable insights through our intuitive dashboards.

Automate your manual work

No more manual tagging, let us do the work for you

How many hours have you spent manually tagging your community inputs? Sit back, relax, and let our Insights do the work for you.

Explore your community’s interests

Quickly see what people are discussing, understand their main interests, and spot trends within the community using an interactive keyword map.

More inclusivity, less bias

Our Insights feature helps you easily spot topics of community interest that may have gone unnoticed, so you can move forward with less bias.
Every month, more than
pieces of community feedback
are automatically categorized using our Natural Language Processing & AI
were launched on CitizenLab platforms in 2021
Imagine organizing over
ideas into 15 clear priority areas
for policymakers to consider - using our technology, the Youth for Climate movement in Belgium did that.

See how the Insights tool is being used

Centralize your engagement efforts with CitizenLab's digital platform and make it easier to gather insightful, data-driven feedback from your community.

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Improve reporting on community engagement projects
Community engagement isn’t just about increased transparency between government and residents. It’s also an important tool that can improve communication across internal departments and key community stakeholders.
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Creating insights to understand what participants are talking about
Did you collect a lot of posts in your project? Great! But now the real work begins: analyzing all that text-based input and transforming it into actionable insights worth sharing. Our insights tool helps you do just that.
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Blog post
How to leverage AI in community engagement
In 2022, we released our “Insights” feature to help our clients analyze and categorize community feedback on their community engagement platforms. This is particularly valuable for local governments that gather text-heavy engagements on a wide range of topics.
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