Option Analysis

Deliberate and make decisions together

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Community deliberation tool

Informative option presentation

A simple setup to provide your community with options that have rich visuals and clear text.
Flexible configurations for quality engagement
Make your engagement process interactive with up/down votes, threaded conversations, and feedback loops.
Multi-phase, multi-engagement projects
Build your own multi-phase engagement process using multiple engagement methods.

Understand what your community wants

Community support from the start

Gain your community’s support for your strategic decisions by involving them from the start.

From conversations to a shared understanding

Foster dialogue within the community and form a shared understanding of the issues and solutions at hand.

Explore the nuances of community opinions

Utilize different engagement methods in various phases to explore the nuances in your community’s feedback and ideas.
In 2021, over
option analysis projects
were launched by the governments using CitizenLab platforms
In 2021, over
governments across the world
used CitizenLab’s option analysis tool in 2021
Experience an average
increase in participation
when using CitizenLab’s platform

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Centralize your engagement efforts with CitizenLab's digital platform and make it easier to gather insightful, data-driven feedback from your community.

Case study
How Wichita used public participation to address affordable housing issues
With the infusion of funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), Wichita, Kansas – which has a population of about 400,000 – jumped at the opportunity to address housing issues in their city through public participation.
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Blog post
How to leverage AI in community engagement
Three years ago we asked ourselves, “How can natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies help digital democracy platforms?” CitizenLab developed a feature that realizes just that.
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6 methods for online consultation
Our practical guide features an overview of the six main online consultation methods, with practical implementation advice and inspiring case studies.
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