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Tailor your own engagement platform effortlessly

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No-code customizable function & designs

Configurable functions

Flexibility across platform layouts, navigations and settings that meets your organization’s unique needs.
Customizable designs
Personalize the font, theme & design of your platform to match your organization’s brand identity.
Quick expert templates
Start from scratch with an incredibly easy-to-use interface or kick-off your platform quickly with expert templates.

Engage communities in your own unique ways

Tailor your own engagement process

Build your own platform’s engagement process to guide your community and help them participate easier.

Be recognizable by your community

Customize the platform’s look to be unique and recognizable by your community.

No code, all simplicity

Incredibly easy to use drag-and-drop interface with templates to kick off projects quickly.
Experience an average
increase in participation
when using CitizenLab’s platform
In 2021, more than
Community engagement projects
were launched on CitizenLab platforms
Fully compliant with
CitizenLab is certified by the AnySurfer Label

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Centralize your engagement efforts with CitizenLab's digital platform and make it easier to gather insightful, data-driven feedback from your community.

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