Keep your community informed

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A centralized messaging system

Automated e-mails & notifications

Ensure your community is regularly updated with automated e-mails and integrated notifications.
Custom e-mail campaigns
Compose custom emails and send them to targeted groups to inform and drive engagement.
Mobile SMS texting
Send custom mobile text messages to targeted phone numbers using our integrated SMS messaging tool.

Stay in touch with your community

Simple & easy updates

Our easy and low-effort setup ensures your community can always be up to date with developments within your projects.

Integrated e-mailing tool

Send targeted email campaigns to specific participant groups and drive engagement on your platform.

Reach more people

Reach more people and get more representative engagement by using SMS messaging.
Every week,
1 million
are sent by CitizenLab platform admins to keep their community members updated
have leveraged our integrated messaging tool as their primary communications channel
Experience an average
increase in participation
when using our platform

See how the Messaging tool is being used

Centralize your engagement efforts with CitizenLab's digital platform and make it easier to gather insightful, data-driven feedback from your community.

How to create a communications plan for community engagement
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Why sharing community engagement results is so important
Keeping participants in the loop shows them that their contributions are heard and valued. This plays a vital role in building trust and support and motivating community members to participate in future consultation processes.
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Community engagement can help by facilitating more active collaboration with the residents, businesses, visitors, and other stakeholders in your community.
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