Project details at your fingertips

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All the details you need on a project

Detailed project reports at your fingertips

Access project-specific reports with summaries, engagement data, and demographic information with just a click.
Automated digests in your inbox
Set up weekly digests to keep an eye on projects and keep your colleagues informed.
Various ways to access data
Easily integrate with your favorite data software using our API, or simply export spreadsheets or graphs from the dashboard.

Actionable insights on your projects

Relevant data, actionable insights

All the relevant project data is ready in one place for your analysis and next actionable steps.

Keep your team in the know

Set up automated digests for you and your colleagues to ensure everyone is up to date.

Export the way you want

Whether in raw data, spreadsheet, or ready-to-present graphs - you can export data straight from the platform.
Imagine organizing over
ideas into 15 clear priority areas
for policymakers to consider - using our technology, the Youth for Climate movement in Belgium did that
automated report digests
are sent out monthly to keep our project managers and moderators up to date
Every month, more than
pieces of community feedback
are automatically categorized using our Natural Language Processing & AI

See how the Reporting tool is being used

Centralize your engagement efforts with CitizenLab's digital platform and make it easier to gather insightful, data-driven feedback from your community.

Measuring Impact in Civic Tech
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Improve reporting on community engagement projects
Improved communication is accomplished through detailed reporting, made possible with an online engagement platform and proper community collaboration.
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