You know that your residents want to be more involved in local decision-making, but how do you involve them both meaningfully and efficiently? How do you hear from more than just the same loudest voices at your community meetings? 

CitizenLab’s community engagement platform is here to set you up for success. 

We offer an interactive platform fostering higher rates of participation and community trust. Our modern and accessible interface makes it user-friendly for both residents and platform admins. Finally, thanks to built-in analytics features, you’ll spend less time on analysis and reporting.

Use cases

CitizenLab’s one-stop hub approach enables you to centralise all your consultations and engagement projects in one place. Here are some of the most common types of projects CitizenLab is being used for:
Local plans

Engage your residents and stakeholders in your planning process to shape your plans and build better places.

Participatory budgeting

Let residents share ideas and vote on their top priorities so you can efficiently allocate your funds.

Regeneration of public spaces

Support local economies, revitalise communities, and create human-centered spaces, together with your community.

Mobility plans

Engage to understand current commuting patterns, why people travel the way they do, where to invest and how to do so.

Climate action plans

Create realistic climate action plans while generating necessary buy-in for activities that require everyone to play their part.

Residential development

Bring your community as you work to ensure access to safe, affordable, and equitable housing options for all.

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A one-stop hub to power your community engagement projects

Engage your participants and residents in one place

CitizenLab's platform offers multiple ways to consult your community without having to juggle different tools. Whether you need to share information, ask for opinions using a survey, or want to dive deeper into co-creation, you can now do it all in one place.

Easily manage projects and community input on one central hub

Our powerful back-office gives you full control to customise your platform and easily manage it. Launch and follow up on engagement projects, share timely feedback with your community, and collaborate with your team using a single platform.

Make decisions using real-time, community-driven data

Let our software help you make sense of all the data you collect. Use our reporting and text analysis tools to summarise content, extract key takeaways, analyse representative data and drive actionable insights to understand what your community needs at a glance.

More than a tool: a dedicated engagement expert at your side, at all times

When you join CitizenLab, you can count on personalized support to maximize the chances of success for your engagement initiatives. Our Government Success Managers guide you throughout your journey, offering expert advice and training. 

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Don't just take our word for it.

Here’s what clients say about CitizenLab


"The CitizenLab team worked with us to make the ‘shopping basket’ system more intuitive. We really appreciate CitizenLab’s openness and swift response to product feedback."

Amelie Pollet
Participatory Democracy Coordinator at London Borough of Newham (UK)

"A lot of times in local government everyone is excited about a new product but not everyone is trained to know and engage with the new initiative. The Government Success Manager from CitizenLab  really helped us to have people engaged across departments to make sure this program is successful.”

Milzy Carrasco
Director of Neighborhood Engagement, City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA)

"I am immensely pleased that so many people made their voices heard and shared their ideas with us. The numerous positive ideas strengthen our policy and ensure that we can set priorities that reflect reality. The user-friendly and well-arranged platform that CitizenLab has certainly contributed to the success of our participation initiative.”

Mohamed Ridouani
Mayor, City of Leuven (Belgium)

“When you drill down into the functionality you see that CitizenLab is more flexible, visually appealing, and user-friendly... I feel the way CitizenLab’s platform is set up fosters a positive participation environment [and] the fact that the back office is so easy to use has been a massive bonus because it doesn’t scare anyone away, no matter their comfort level with technology.”

Jennifer Maclean
Digital Services Team Leader (Stirling, UK)

With CitizenLab, governments have seen:


of their team engage more often with their residents, and on more topics.


in resident engagement, including from underheard groups.


less time spent on analysis and reporting, allowing for more continuous engagement.

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