We’re here to set you up for success

Our team knows what it takes to design and coordinate meaningful online engagement. That’s why you not only get access to a comprehensive community engagement platform, but you also benefit from extensive support. Get the most out of your CitizenLab platform with our expert advice and training.

Dedicated support

We are an active partner in the success of your engagement initiatives. When you join CitizenLab’s community of innovative engagement practitioners, you will be assigned a dedicated IAP2-certified engagement specialist. Together, you can define your engagement goals, design projects, and decide how to give feedback on your community’s input. Support is just a phone call or message away.

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Meet our team of public engagement experts

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Aline Muylaert
Head of Government Relations
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Joost Vandenbroele
Community Lead
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Amanda Rotella
Government Success
Manager UK
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Hugo De Brouwer
Government Success Manager France & Belgium
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Lot Schuringa
Government Success Manager Netherlands
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Stijn Zwarts
Government Support Specialist
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Amanda Rotella
Government Success
Manager US
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Claire Tobback
Government Success Manager Belgium
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Jelena Gregorius
Government Success Manager DACH region

A tailored implementation plan

We have developed a thorough onboarding process to enable a successful launch of your platform and engagement project(s). The number of sessions depends on your license plan. After your onboarding, we follow up proactively and remain available through our support channels. And because we understand that you sometimes need just a little bit more help, you always have the option to add extra sessions to your package as needed.

In-take session

Kick-off meeting during which we discuss your main objectives and design the implementation plan together.

Strategy design

Using CitizenLab’s e-Participation Canvas™ and Online Workshops environment, we co-design a strategy for engagement success.


We design your first project(s) together while we advise you on how to leverage specific platform functionalities.

Expert session

Choose between an engagement booster workshop, inspiration session, organisational workshop, or process design workshop.

Pre-launch review

Using our pre-launch checklist, we will send you recommendations on what to improve before we go live and let the engagement start.

Grow your skills through the CitizenLab Academy

Through an interactive, online course we share our experience and expertise from working with hundreds of local governments in a highly accessible and flexible format.

10 course modules  divided into 5 course blocks provide end-to-end training and guidance on planning and executing digital public participation initiatives.

Learn from and get inspired by the CitizenLab community

We’ve helped 300+ local governments and organisations foster meaningful dialogues and understand their communities better.

Besides learning from our experts, we also promote peer learning through our Community Platform, an exclusive hub for our clients to connect, ask questions, and stay in the loop about the exciting projects that are launching all over the world.

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“We decided to launch our platform with CitizenLab because of the ease of use - not only for our residents, but also for our teams!  Today we have a centralized place where we can see community responses and  assign people across departments to be administrators on projects. Now we’re engaging across departments and  coming together to share best practices between teams.”

Milzy Carrasco
Director of Neighborhood Engagement, City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA)

“When you drill down into the functionality you see that CitizenLab is more flexible, visually appealing, and user-friendly... I feel the way CitizenLab’s platform is set up fosters a positive participation environment [and] the fact that the back office is so easy to use has been a massive bonus because it doesn’t scare anyone away, no matter their comfort level with technology.”

Jennifer Maclean
Digital Services Team Leader (Stirling, UK)