The design of the public spaces and resources in your community plays a major role in the quality of life for your residents. Before creating or investing in public spaces, it’s important to understand how they’re used, who they're for, and why they do/don't do their job of bringing people together.

Whether you’re running a planning process for a comprehensive plan, a transit plan, or something in between, it’s essential to break down traditionally dry, heavy processes and turn them into exciting engagement opportunities.

Potential use cases

Here are some of the most common types of planning and public space projects CitizenLab has been used for:
Regeneration projects

Swapping concrete jungles for lush parks can make our cities more beautiful while adding climate and health benefits. Your residents can easily share ideas and vote on their favourite projects.

Local plan consultations

Decide on key infrastructure investments and determine the future pattern of urban development in your area. Bring your residents along in this complex process, understand their needs each step of the way, and analyse options together.

Master planning

Making connections between buildings, social settings, and living environments isn’t always straightforward. Your analysis, recommendations, and proposals can benefit from giving your community a voice. Tap into your residents’ collective intelligence and build sustainable plans for growth and development


CitizenLab’s community engagement platform helps you launch projects using a variety of consultation methods, without having to juggle different tools.


Crowdsource ideas directly from residents to gain valuable insights into how they use (or would like to use) their local public spaces.

Option analysis

Provide a range of pre-approved scenarios or options for residents to learn about, debate, and ultimately choose from.


Visualize what is happening in each neighborhood, or a specific area, at a glance to address needs directly.

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Read some use cases

We believe that community engagement doesn’t have to be hard. To enable all local governments to tap into the benefits of community engagement, we’ve put together inspirational case studies and practical blog posts showing real examples of how our platform has been deployed as a solution for various use cases.

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