Packed with practical tips and best practices, our guides aim to support and inspire your projects. You have a specific engagement project in mind? Our guides can help. Not sure where to start your community engagement journey? Download a few guides to get ideas.

How to create a communications plan for community engagement

Get more people engaged in your city’s projects and on your platform. This guide will teach you the basics of setting up a communications plan for your community engagement efforts.

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How community engagement can help advance your comprehensive plan.

Creating a comprehensive plan reflective of your community’s needs and aspirations requires community engagement.

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How to set up a community engagement committee

Community engagement committees are a good addition to local politics. Residents can come up with new ideas and work together on recommendations.

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Why you should use community engagement to co-create mobility plans

How to use community engagement to define your city's mobility plan investments.

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Community Engagement: a Practitioner's Guide Part 2

How to design an effective community engagement strategy for your government agency.

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How to build community engagement into your planning processes

Creating comprehensive plans is one of many responsibilities local governments are tasked with. Involving residents can improve the outcomes.

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Community Engagement: a Practitioner's Guide

This guide explores the steps you need to take to create a sustainable and effective community engagement strategy for your government agency.

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Moderating difficult conversations online

Some conversations require a lot of work to reach a point of mutual understanding, and there's always the risk things get heated. This guides contains useful tips to keep conversations on track.

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Co-creating greener cities of the future

Now is the time for local governments to engage their residents in participatory processes to shape the places they call home into greener cities of the future.

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Urban development: co-creating our space with digital tools

o create a city that makes everyone feel at home, it’s only natural that every voice counts.That’s why it’s so crucial to get urban planning and development initiatives right.

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Online workshops

Community workshops are an essential part of our local democracies. Our practical guide helps you to organize and moderate your debates online.

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The FAQs of digital consultation

In this guide, we draw learnings from real-life case studies and share practical insights in launching a digital citizen participation project.

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6 methods for online consultation

A practical guide for councils looking to implement online consultation and develop local community engagement.

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Measuring Impact in Civic Tech

A practical guide to measuring the impact of community engagement platforms.

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The guide to inclusion in e-democracy

We explore different ways for local governments to make their participation efforts more inclusive.

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Essential communication guide: tips on communication strategies for community engagement

A guide about how you can successfully communicate about community engagement projects. Craft a winning communication strategy with the tips and best practices in this free guide.

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The beginner’s guide to participatory budgeting

A participatory budget is an innovative policy-making tool that directly involves community members in the allocation of public funds.

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The beginner's guide to digital community engagement

Serving as a resource for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, this guide will walk you through the basics of digital community engagement.

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cover page of future of e-democracy guide

The future of Digital Democracy

Where will our democracies be in 10 years? How can local governments stimulate community engagement?

Interviews with thought leaders on the future of community engagement, innovation in government and leadership in the digital age.

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