The Government’s Social Housing White Paper paved the way for stronger regulations around resident and tenant engagement. It reformed the way tenants influence services and feed into providers’ decision making process. 

CitizenLab’s intuitive digital engagement platform builds bridges between housing providers and tenants. It fosters open communication and supports collaboration.

Through facilitated digital engagement, housing associations can improve tenant satisfaction, increase transparency, and ultimately, build stronger and more connected communities.

Use cases

CitizenLab’s one stop hub approach enables you to centralise all you consultations and engagement projects in one place. This way, you can build a community of engaged tenants over time and help them inform your decision - making process.
Statutory consultations

Use CitizenLab to meet the legal requirements in giving your tenants a say in your decision making process

Scrutiny panels

Give an independent group of tenants or residents the means to monitor your performance

Tenant or resident forums

Enable a constructive dialogue between your tenants on topics that impact their day to day life

Housing regeneration projects

Bring your residents along in the process of regenerating the areas they live in

Reporting on antisocial behaviour

Use CitizenLab to ensure that your housing sites foster safe and healthy living spaces

Community projects

Leverage CitizenLab to get tenants and residents involved in local projects


CitizenLab’s community engagement platform helps you launch projects using a variety of consultation methods, without having to juggle different tools.


Crowdsource ideas directly from residents to gain valuable insights into how they use (or would like to use) their local public spaces.

Participatory budgeting

Let your community members allocate a budget to their favorite project ideas, and get insights into what they think you should invest in.


Collaborate with your community by organizing live discussions and facilitating online, real-time deliberation.

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Newsletter & SMS

Reach out to your community with an integrated messaging tool and drive engagement on your platform.

Information Sharing

Keep your residents up-to-date using project timelines, information pages, rich media & interactive options.

Official Updates

Easily provide official updates to individuals or to a group of tenants using our input management tool to keep your community informed.



Ask your tenants or residents tailored questions to better understand their needs and expectations.


Gather feedback on a specific topic to quickly understand their priorities.


Option Analysis

Share information about different possible scenarios to help community members give more informed input.


Allow your residents to provide feedback & ideas visually on a map and interact with their neighbourhood.



Co-create solutions with your tenants by providing them with a platform to give new ideas.

Online Workshops

Organise live discussions and facilitate online, real-time deliberation.


Citizen Proposals

Enable community members to suggest projects on any given topic and gather support.

Participatory Budgeting

Let your community members allocate a budget using our tool to get insights into what they think you should prioritise.

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