Unsere Ressourcen-Bibliothek steht allen zur Verfügung, die sich für Partizipation interessieren.

Hier finden Sie praktische Leitfäden und interessante Fallstudien—alles, was Sie für Ihren Einstieg in Bürger*innenbeteiligung benötigen.


Going beyond traditional survey consultations

Thursday, October 14
6:00am San Francisco - 9:00am New York - 2:00pm London

How do you involve your community more closely, start a real dialogue and make public participation a central part of your decision-making process? Join our UK team for this webinar and listen to our Government Success Manager, Chris Connolly, who will share learnings from her time leading ​​the Digital Engagement team at the Scottish Government, and from her current work with CitizenLab's network of local councils in the UK and the US.

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