CitizenLab offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to be part of a growing, trusted network of partners. Read more about our partnership with the climate plans consultants of Koru below.

Introducing CitizenLab’s latest partner: Koru 

Local governments have become the first line of defence against a changing climate, and have the power to help their communities become more sustainable and resilient. At CitizenLab, we believe community engagement can be used to advance a variety of environment & sustainability initiatives and we’re excited to kick-off a partnership with Koru Consulting Ltd., who share the belief that governments will facilitate the road to net zero by investing in infrastructure, education, and leadership. 

The projects a partnership between CitizenLab & Koru will facilitate

Koru sees its role as engaging all organisations including individuals and communities and providing them with the information and tools they will need to achieve their goals. Their portfolio of services is built around accelerating progress to net zero and reducing the chances of carbon reducing projects failing. At the heart of the portfolio is engagement, including two key projects:

  • KlimateKonnect™, built on the CitizenLab platform. It provides a networking service for problem-solving, a curated directory of climate change material, and insights with guidance and support for local government, individuals and communities. It is free for everyone and Koru encourages people to provide content to help others. Climate change needs wide-ranging and engagement, advocacy and involvement if we are to achieve our net-zero targets. Get involved now by clicking here.
  • Inta-Activ Expo™ is an interactive virtual exhibition, ideal for showing all types of plans and progress towards achieving them. In the context of exhibitions it is a really inexpensive way of keeping the public up to date, and eliciting their comments and ideas to help them. See a demonstration here.

Koru has spent the last five years in the digital engagement domain and has built skills, knowledge, experience and a partner base to help customers get the optimum response from – and engagement with – their audiences. In addition to the Climate challenge, Koru also has experience in Active Travel, Highways, Regeneration, Planning and service-led engagements.

If you would like to know more about Koru or to get in touch with their team, visit their website. Interested in joining CitizenLab’s growing global network of community changemakers and democracy champions? Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.