Why CitizenLab Makes
Citizen Participation Better

The CitizenLab platform has been designed with one thing in mind: increasing civic engagement.
Cities like yours use our software to hear what their citizens want.


1. Tap into the knowledge of your citizens.

Citizens are at the heart of every city. They know what could be improved in the city in order to build a better place to live in for everyone. Citizensourcing allows you to tap into their collective intelligence and collect their creative ideas.


2. Boost and reward civic engagement easily.

CitizenLab rewards citizens for their input. Every action a citizen undertakes online results in an increase of its engagement score. This engagement score leads to citizen badges, indicating the citizen’s status, and opportunities for your city to reward their valuable input with real-life benefits.


3. Gain quantitative insights on what your citizens think.

CitizenLab offers you a dashboard that gives an overview of all the civic engagement in your city. Insightful analytics show you, among others, which kind of ideas are the most popular amongst the citizens and who are the most engaged citizens.

stakeholder synergy

4. Create synergies by bringing city stakeholders together.

Next to the city government there are many other parties eager to contribute to the city’s development. CitizenLab makes it possible to bring all of these city stakeholders together and to create sustainable development synergies.

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CitizenLab for your city or municipality?

CitizenLab helps governments become more citizen-centric, through our user-friendly cloud software, insightful data analytics and focus on mobile. Request your demo and discover why!