Involve residents in your action plans to tackle climate change

The United Kingdom has pledged to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. What if community engagement could help solve the climate change challenge?

CitizenLab is here to help you tap into collective intelligence and consult residents to shape better, fairer climate policies.

Find out how local councils are involving their residents: the case of Grand Paris Sud

‍The French commune of Grand Paris Sud launched a council-wide consultation to crowdsource innovative projects for its climate plan. By combining a digital platform with offline events, the council reached a wide audience and gave residents a say on pressing local topics.

Residents shared their projects and voted for the ideas they wanted to support. The council has now implemented the winning projects: gardening plots in public spaces, schemes to reduce food waste and sustainability awareness programs in schools.
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Give residents a say on the topics that matter to them

Our platform is a complete toolbox for local councils to efficiently set up and manage community engagement projects.

Our platform is a complete toolbox for local councils to efficiently set up and manage community engagement projects.

Wide range of consultation methods

Running surveys, collecting innovative ideas, setting up a participatory budget, facilitating live discussions... the CitizenLab platform gives you multiple options to get residents involved in climate change action plans.

User-friendly platform

Quickly process residents' contributions, share information with your team and keep an overview of your projects within one centralised dashboard.

Real-time insights

Gather smart, real-time insights from your community to make better decisions on and increase support for your climate-related policies .

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"I am immensely pleased that so many of our residents made their voices heard and shared their ideas with us. The numerous positive ideas strengthen our policy and ensure that we can set priorities that reflect reality. The user-friendly and well-arranged platform that CitizenLab offers has certainly contributed to the success of our participation initiative."
Mohamed Ridouani
Mayor city of Leuven (Belgium) - European Capital of Innovation 2020
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One suite for all your engagement

CitizenLab helps governments of all sizes to reconnect with their citizens. Whether you organise participation via surveys or polling, via ideas for specific projects, or via a participatory budget, you can centralise it all on one easy-to-use engagement platform.
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" The digital infrastructure that enables municipal governments to connect with their citizens. "
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