A powerful white-label participation solution
to engage citizens and analyse their ideas

We developed all the functionalities you need in a unique digital solution
to help you save time and and easily process citizen input to make better decisions.
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CitizenLab is your participation toolbox: always find the functionality matching the citizen input you need.


Easily process a large amount of citizen input and projects thanks to an intuitive idea management admin panel.


Process your citizens feedback by easily exporting them and by using your usual tools and softwares.

What cities this size found especially helpful

The platform customisation

As a large city, we know it is important to use your existing assets such as colours and logo to create a seamless experience. Thanks to custom sign-up fields, you can also personalise the registration form and ask your citizens exactly what you need to know.

The map visualisation

Citizens can pin their ideas on the map and see at a glance what is happening in their neighbourhood. For your localised projects, like urban or mobility plans, easily limit the consultation to a specific area in a few clicks.

The citizen verification tool

Just like you, CitizenLab takes transparency very seriously. We provide cities with easy ways to confirm the identity of your citizens thanks to authentication mechanisms for identity verification. Always make sure of whose voice is being heard.

CitizenLab made these projects possible

All Topics
CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Liège analysed and processed the collected
ideas thanks to the export tool

The City of Liège received more than 1,000 ideas to build the next city
masterplan. They were sorted, analysed and clustered by theme thanks
to the export tool available in the administrator panel.

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All Topics
CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Mons collected citizen ideas per topic
via the project functionality

The City of Mons used the Project functionality to divide
and organise the conversation between topics like mobility,
culture, tourism, safety, cleanliness or social cohesion.

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Green Spaces
CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Hasselt reorganised the park of the city
thanks to the maps

Hasselt used the platform to include its citizens in the renewal project
of city’s biggest park, named Kapermolenpark, using the maps feature.
The goal was to make policymakers and citizens partners in the
co-creation of their city.

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What citizens say about us

"CitizenLab has helped me to share my mobility concerns with other citizens. Together, we discussed and crafted a solution that got submitted to the city council."
David, 42
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