How it works

We make citizen participation easy and fun!

Civic engagement application

Customize the platform to
your preferred themes or participation projects.

Cities have opportunities that they can create together with their citizens. Crowdsource creative solutions from your citizens. Whether you need a new city logo or want their input for the next city festival, tap into their wisdom through CitizenLab.

Dialogue discussion
Dialogue discussion

Consult the public opinion via questions or polls

You want to know your citizens' viewpoints on certain topics? Next to hearing their different stances on each others' ideas, you can post a poll to consult their opinions in a quick and easy way.

Moderate the platform
thanks to automated reports.

CitizenLab works with automated summary reports and thus minimizes the moderation efforts for the city. These reports show the engagement on the platform, the most popular ideas and many more.

Dialogue discussion
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CitizenLab for your city or municipality?

CitizenLab helps governments become more citizen-centric, through our user-friendly cloud software, insightful data analytics and focus on mobile. Request your demo and discover why!