Introducing online
deliberation workshops

Bring your town hall meeting online and consult  
digitally with your community.
Community workshops are an essential piece of our local democracies. They allow live interactions, in-depth discussion, and help consensus emerge. Debates are traditionally held offline, whilst online platforms are usually reserved for indirect and asynchronous participation such as voting or idea collection.

It’s time to change that. Continuous interactions, profound discussions and decision-making can also take place online. This has never been more urgent than now, as the current crisis is forcing governments to find new ways to interact with citizens.

Our online citizen workshop feature has been designed to expand the scope of online engagement. Add online deliberation to your democracy toolbox and help ensure democratic continuity.

Engage with citizens,
moderate discussions and
make decisions together in real time.

The benefits of offline, online

Hold live video meetings, facilitate simultaneous group discussions and debates. Gather input, vote and reach consensus, just like you would offline.

One centralised tool

Why have more than one tool? The feature is available directly on your CitizenLab platform, making it easy to keep an overview of all your participation projects.

Security first

Video participation powered by Jitsi, an
open-source software which doesn’t collect any personal data. All communications between user devices and servers are point-to-point encrypted.

Easy to use.
Easy to set up.

Custom setup for admins

Create your own project, define your topics, and add your own logo and visual identity

Clear step by step approach

Custom timelines help you and your citizens to keep an overview of the project.

Easily share your content

Easily share your documents, webcam and resources in plenary sessions

Simultaneous discussions in small groups

Set up break-away sessions and topic-related groups.

Real-time engagement

Collect and group input, comment and vote, summarise and reach consensus.

No limit to participants

Large crowd? No problem. Add as many participants as you need and split them up into unlimited groups.
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