The insights to make better decisions, right at your fingertips

Cities use CitizenLab as a way to collaborate with their citizens, to better understand their preferences and aspirations.
Screenshot of citizen input management on the platform

Discover who's participating

Thanks to the interactive analytics dashboard and activity reports,
get an overview of who is participating on the platform and how.

Screenshot of data analysis on the backend of the citizen platform


The dashboard gives you insights on the participants: their gender, age where are they are from, etc.

Engagement Score

See which idea gets the most attention and drives the discussion thanks to an engagement score given to each proposal.

Insights on ideas

Receive data and insights specific to the citizens proposals.

Export your data

Simply export the input of your citizens to process it and take the analysis one step further: they are yours.

Screenshot of the custom sign-up fields

Custom sign-up fields

Ask your citizens exactly what you want to know about them. You can easily add, edit, activate any registration field when you need it.


API access

Integrate your citizen engagement platform with the tools you already use and make use of your data wherever you need it.

CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy
CitizenLab - Civic Engagement made really easy

Idea classification

Sort citizens ideas and allow the right groups to work on them so that administration departments can have all the relevant input directly at their disposal. The platform will help you detect the topic of each idea.


Plus everything you could expect

We designed CitizenLab with all your civic engagement needs in mind.
That's why you will find on our platform all the features to help
you reach your citizen participation goals and more.

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Responsive platform

The platform was made mobile-first: citizens can take part in the discussion anytime, wherever they are, on their mobile devices.

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Citizens can easily filter content and get to see only what matters to them: ideas on a specific topic, or regarding a certain area, etc.

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Every voice should be heard, that's why we designed this platform to be as simple and accessible as possible to use. 

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The latest updates, always

As a SaaS software, we never stop improving the platform. We roll out new features every single week—always immediately available to you.

Translation icon

Multilingual platform

As an administrator, pick the languages you want the platform to be available in, so that everyone is able to take part in the discussion.

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Custom domain name

Get your very own personalised URL to create an even more seamless experience for your citizens.

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Engagement support

Our team of specialists supports you from Day 1 to make the most out of your platform and answer all your technical questions.

Ringer icon

Emails & notifications

We are letting citizens know when things are happening on the platform so that you don't have to.

Widget icon

Website integration (widget)

Thanks to our widget, connect your website to your CitizenLab platform and show your ongoing consultations to your website visitors.

Don't take our word for it

We have helped more than 65 cities engage their citizens
and implement their online participation process.
Read what they have to say about us.

"CitizenLab supports us. We wanted to be helped by real professionals. Citizen participation has to be managed with a lot of care and we fully trust that this democratic initiative is handled very well thanks to the CitizenLab platform." — Elio Di Rupo

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