Input Management

Making community management easy

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A centralized management dashboard

An overview dashboard for all input

A centralized ‘Input manager’ gives you an overview of all of your community’s posts, comments, and reactions.
Advanced filters and categorization
Masterfully filter and categorize all input using projects, statuses, tags, or engagement stats.
Integrated feedback mechanism
Effortlessly provide feedback and update the status on shared input with automated emails or via comments.

Never miss out on your community’s input

Overview of all your community’s reactions

Get an overview of all the input you have gathered across projects in one centralized ‘Input Manager’.

Powerful explorations tool

Explore all the input from across your platform and filter, categorize, and analyze it to make sense of your community’s feedback.

Integrated communication tools

Provide feedback or start a dialogue easily through the same dashboard using our integrated communication tools.
More than
of community members
received feedback from their government through CitizenLab
More than
of all finished projects
communicated a decision to participants
CitizenLab is
ISO 27001
certified for data cybersecurity
and fully compliant with the GDPR

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Centralize your engagement efforts with CitizenLab's digital platform and make it easier to gather insightful, data-driven feedback from your community.

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