Case Study

Steenokkerzeel put forward 4 mobility scenarios

Steenokkerzeel is a small municipality located in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. The municipality comprises the towns of Melsbroek, Perk and Steenokkerzeel. Steenokkerzeel is situated next to Brussels Airport. A part of the airport (Brucargo) is also located in the municipality.

Due to the fact that the municipality is located near to the capital of Belgium (Brussels) a lot of neighbourhoods suffer from quite severe traffic jams in residential streets during rush hours, caused by cars looking for shortcuts to get to and away from the capital. It is in this context that the municipality, with the support of a mobility expert (from Uitrit 4), decided to use the CitizenLab platform to put different mobility scenarios to the test and involve citizens in the quest for solutions.


Steenokkerzeel was a forerunner in making an intelligent use of the timeline possibilities of the platform. In a first 'open' phase, citizens were asked to comment and give feedback on 4 different mobility scenarios: bring street in 1 direction or 2 directions, close down street 3, install ANPR cameras on the corner of street 4, etc... The scenarios were added by the municipality and illustrated with a map. 


The platform was communicated both on the city website and communication channels but was also presented during real life events, i.e. neighbourhood gatherings, where citizens were confronted with the different scenarios and could comment on them. It is during these gatherings that also the input that was collected online was shared with all the people present. The launch of the platform made it to the local press, to make all the people concerned were aware that the platform was used to collect their ideas.


Both the mobility expert active on the project and the communication officer of the municipality used the (mass) commenting features of the platform, to interact openly on the input of the citizens, to answer snagging questions. Step by step, the preference for one scenario became clear. Also social media comments and comments given during the real-life events were taken into account. 

Final selection and feedback

After a first active phase of commenting, collecting up and down votes and giving the possibility to citizens to give new ideas, only two scenarios made it to the second round. Finally, after a test setup period, one scenario was chosen and installed permanently: the municipality installed ANPR-cameras. Also the automated weekly newsletter helped to keep the registered users informed. 


In 2 months:

Monthly users: 4,700

Registered users: 300

Proposals: 127

Votes: 936

Comments: 810

Next steps

A broad input, commenting and voting phase, led 21 Solutions to select the top 10 citizens’ ideas that will be taken into account in the draft of the Regional Mobility Plan. What is the top 3, you asked? 1. long distance cycle lanes 2. Express cycling network and 3. A car free Sunday every month! Visibly the months after closing down the platform, a lot of political parties bought one of these points on the agenda in the Brussels Parliament. So do keep an eye on the next Mobility Plan!

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