Our case studies

Small Cities

CitizenLab is a cost-saving solution to crowd-source input from their citizens. Small municipalities do not have permanently participation projects ongoing, and prefer to use CitizenLab project per project. 

Some of the customers in this range include the Belgian towns of Hamme, Lommel, Marche-en-Famenne and Zwijndrecht, or  Cranendonck in the Netherlands.

Large Cities

They need a deep (vertical) product that goes beyond the idea collection and analysis available as a standard option on CitizenLab. For them, it is paramount to integrate the citizen engagement software within their infrastructure and match it to their internal workflows. 

CitizenLab currently works together with large cities such as Brussels, The Hague, Liège and Enschede. 

Governmental institutions

Higher level governmental institutions have by definition a larger population and usually take decisions more top-down, direct democracy has long seemed theoretical and unfeasible.

Digitalisation now allows for huge numbers and data to be easily manageable and thus, the voice of their large populations to be heard and consulted. CitizenLab works with the Danish and the Brussels Government.