To put it mildly, 2020 was a strange year for events. Attending conferences, networking with other professionals, and generally being part of an audience suddenly became impossibly irresponsible.

A rogue virus has confined us to our homes and screens for months now. Online conferences and webinars have popped up everywhere, attempting to fill the void of event-attending with valuable online alternatives.

Will we be able to gather at conferences, attend fascinating talks, and share coffee and a heart-to-heart with our peers in 2021? Only time can tell. But what we do know is that the show will (and must!) go on. Even if that means we’ll still have to log on to chat with innovators, government leaders, and GovTech professionals.

With 2021 around the corner, it’s time to grab your calendar and a red marker because we’ve made our yearly selection. These are the upcoming events you shouldn’t miss.

This list is frequently updated with new upcoming events. 

1. Webinar: Best Practices for Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

📍The Worldwide Web
📆 January 20, 2021
⏰ 11AM PT, 2PM ET

What? This GovTech webinar explores real-life strategies and techniques to apply in the digital modernization of your administration. 

Why should you attend? Transforming and modernizing the public sector is no small feat, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty. In this webinar, field experts and a panel of public sector leaders discuss making it happen without any major disruptions. 

2. Government ICT Summit

📍The Worldwide Web
📆 January 21, 2021

What? This virtual summit focuses on the acceleration of tech and ICT in government.

Why should you attend? The Government ICT Summit gathers 500+ tech and transformation experts from every layer of the government. Through pioneering case studies and fascinating talks, this event will show you how to incorporate tech solutions in the public sector’s daily ins and outs.

3. GovTech 2021 – Virtual Hackathon

📍The Worldwide Web with a focus on the UK
📆 February 12-14, 2021
⏰ 8:00 PM (Fri) – 6:00 PM (Sun) CET

What? This hackathon focuses on the modernisation and transformation of the UK’s public services.

Why should you attend? This hackathon aims to use GovTech to tackle four common challenges in the UK: engaging non-voters, modernizing voting processes, engaging geographically dispersed voters, and preventing fraud in elections. Attending the hackathon is especially interesting if you’re UK-based.

4. Smart Cities Connect

📍The Worldwide Web
📆 April 13-14, 2021

What? This large-scale conference and expo, usually organised for city leaders to help them set priorities, will be held online in 2021.

Why should you attend? Due to its clear focus on city officials, this event is mainly focused on gathering a community of decision-makers from smart cities at different growth stages. Even the online edition will provide a valuable opportunity to get inspired by and connect with other local administrations.

5. Viva Technology 2021

📍Paris, France & online
📆 June 17-19, 2021

What? VIVA Technology gathers the “brightest entrepreneurs, executives, investors, students and academics” to collaborate and network.

Why should you attend?: The baseline of the event promises that “this is where business meets innovation.” As the biggest tech event in Europe, this is the perfect place to network with pioneers in the sector, pitch your ideas, get inspired, and showcase your innovations.

6. The Smart City Event

📍Miami Beach, USA
📆 June 22-25, 2021

What? A conference and exhibition on smart city innovations and connected solutions.

Why should you attend? The angle of this event is two-fold: improving citizens’ quality of life and driving enterprise opportunity. Last year, this event focused mainly on topics such as 5G and smart city rollouts, regulatory issues and smart city rollouts, Smart Transport and telematics, heterogeneous networks, and enabling smart city applications. While the program for this year is yet to be announced, the focus will likely lie on the Internet of Things, open-source, and general tech innovations.

7. ITU Digital World 2021

📍Hanoi, Vietnam
📆 October 2021

What? The ITU Digital World Conference is the leading UN event on tech and innovation.
Why should you attend? This conference offers different people and roles from government and tech SMEs to explore common challenges and forge meaningful connections.

8. GovTech Global

📍The Worldwide Web
📆 October 12, 2021

What? A virtual GovTech summit on the implementation of tech innovations in the public sector.

Why should you attend? This online summit is the perfect touchpoint for learning about the next generation of Government Technology and networking with peers and experts from the field. The 2021 program is still mostly unconfirmed, but the main topics will likely include AI & Data, machine learning, upskilling, 5G, and robotic process automation.

9. IoT World

📍Online & live from California, USA
📆 November 2 – 4, 2021

What? IoT world is part of The Smart Cities Summit, a large-scale conference on the digitized smart city, as part of the Internet of Things World Series by informatech.

Why should you attend? What’s in a name? This conference is all about the Internet of Things. You’ll get inspired and learn everything there is to know about connectivity, infrastructure, IoT security, mobility, urban resilience, and public-private partnerships.

10. MOVE: Mobility Re-imagined

📍London, UK
📆 November 9-10, 2021

What? An innovative event that gathers tech-minded disruptors and sparks dialogue and collaboration to re-imagine the future of mobility.

Why should you attend? This self-proclaimed “most important mobility event on the planet” has its eyes on the future. With a focus on mobility in a rapidly changing field, this event gives a voice to the thinkers who are engineering the world of tomorrow. If you’re wondering what’s next in the realm of urban mobility, this is the event for you.

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