As we want our platform to be the core of the collaboration between political institutions and cities,  we added some new exciting features to it. Now, institutions can also blog and include their social media feeds on our platform so the dialogue with their citizens is more inclusive and powerful. Here’s an overview of these new functionalities.

CitizenLab Blog

Why regrouping information channels?

As we collaborate with more political institutions, we learn from their feedback and expectations. Recently, we have had several requests for blog and social media integrations. We can think of several reasons for such a critical update of our platform.

First of all, it is becoming increasingly clear that an important part of citizen participation depends on citizen information. Political institutions, in order to collaborate efficiently with their citizens, need to inform them extensively . Our platform allows them to share relevant and important information. Indeed, if city council meeting reports are published on the platform where citizens participate, they will be more likely to be read and taken into account.

Also, citizens want to be keep in the loop about what’s happening in their city. Having access to all the city’s news in one place makes it extremely easy for them. They can save time and efforts to know instantaneously about the different events and projects taking place in their city.

Last but not least, centralizing communication channels allow political institutions to maximise their communication reach. Every communication channel is different, Twitter is no Facebook. As a consequence, they might reach different but equally important audience. By centralizing the channels, political institutions make sure that all citizens see all their messages across channels just by visiting the CitizenLab platform.

How does it work?


Based on these insights, we integrated a ‘latest news’ section on our main platform page where you can publish articles. To do so, you just need to go into the admin section to have an overview and easily manage your blog posts.

Also, blogging is extremely easy on our platform: you can publish new articles directly on our platform or you can integrate your existing blog from another platform – i.e. WordPress.

Another consequence of blogging on CitizenLab platform is that citizens can read and comment articles without being logged-in, making it easy to access precious informations in one place.

CitizenLab Blog
CitizenLab Blog

Social media integration

Yet, we decided to take the integration one step further to really make sure you could save time, efforts and reach your audience. Next to the possibility to blog, you can now integrate your social media feed. To do so, you need to go in the Admin settings, under the Community section.

For Twitter, you just need to fill in your Twitter handle or an hashtag. For Facebook, you must fill in your Facebook Page URL so we can display your page feeds. Thanks to this feature, you make sure citizens always know the main event and news happening in your city.

Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration

If you have any questions about these new functionalities, feel free to send us an email at