Our platform is getting smarter: one of our main concerns is that you should spend your time on what matters and leave some other tasks to the platform. Like manually creating groups of users for instance. That’s why we are launching the Smart Groups.

What is so smart about them? They allow you to automatically add users to a group according to the condition(s) you have chosen. Want to consult the residents of a specific neighbourhood? Or have a group automatically including all of your colleagues? These are some of the many possibilities offered with the smart groups. Let us walk you through it!

smart groups citizenlab

Involve citizens on the making of their neighbourhood

Some local projects are only impacting the citizens of specific surroundings. However amongst hundreds of users registered on the platform, it can seem daunting to figure out who should take part in the consultation exactly. With the smart groups, you can easily create a group that will by itself add any citizen living in a specific neighbourhood as soon as they register on the platform.

Starting from there, it unlocks new possibilities to have citizens contribute: for each project, you can decide which group of users has access to it and therefore who can participate. This way, local project can take place easily involving exactly the stakeholders you need.

Have your colleagues automatically involved in internal projects

Many of our cities have already experienced it, the CitizenLab platform can be a great tool to managing and discussing projects internally. To make sure everyone who needs to be involved has access to the projects, you can for instance create a smart group containing all the users whose email address’ ends in a specific way – for instance for us, @citizenlab.co!

Segment users using your own custom conditions

As you now understand, the possibilities of segmenting citizens are almost infinite. Combining the use of our custom fields feature (which allows you to ask any type of question to the user during registration) together with the smart groups gives you a high number of combinations possible: by skills and expertise, by faculty (in the example of a university), by job position, etc. you name it. This feature creates a new dimension to your participation platform: it allows you to go more in depth in the co-creation with the crowd which is directly concerned, or most knowledgeable about a topic or an issue.

smart groups citizenlab

Have a question on this new feature? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line or request a demo, we’ll be happy to show you how it works!