What use is a participatory tool if those you want to collaborate with are not using it? We decided to make it easier for you to ask them to join in by launching the invitations feature. You now have several ways to invite your colleagues or citizens to become user on the platform!

Onboard your colleagues on the platform

Want your colleagues from all departments on the platform in order to directly be able to give feedback to citizens? It is sometimes time-consuming to go after your co-workers one by one to tell them about the platform and track if they actually registered or not.

Import their email addresses all at once and send them invitations (we came up with a template to make it super easy for you): they will receive an email to register on the platform in a couple of clicks. If you only have a few email addresses to add, you can also type them directly onto the platform.

Make it explicit and personalised by adding a little note and picking the language of your recipients in the invitation options.

Simplify the registration of your citizens

One of the most important tasks when launching your online citizen participation platform is getting citizens involved.

What if you could simply show them that you have pre-made accounts that are waiting for them on the platform? It is a very thoughtful and personalized way to let them know they are welcomed to participate on the platform. Plus, it is an efficient way to verify the identity of your users and track who is getting engaged while raising awareness about the existence of the platform! How does it work? You can simply create invitation codes to the platform and communicate them to citizens by the mean of your choice: by email, via a personalised letter, etc.

If you already have their emails at your disposal, you can also use the import method explained above.

Make them part of a group the minute they arrive on the platform

The invitations feature also completes an already existing feature: groups. Now you can directly invite users onto the platform and add them into a group at the same time. Once they activate their invitation, they instantly become part of the group.

This can come really handy when consulting a specific neighbourhood or a specific range of the population, like shopkeepers, students, parents, etc. This way you can get them engaged directly on the issues and questions that concern them.

Similarly, when inviting your colleagues on the platform, you can also make sure they directly become administrators of the platform as well by swiping a simple switch.

Curious to see how it works?

Schedule a demo and we will be happy to show you!