Do you want to easily oversee how your community of citizens engages online? We do think so! That’s why we created an analytics dashboard for city administrators that show you all key metrics in a nutshell.

How to get there

Let us show you the way to the admin dashboard. On the right side of the navigation bar, you hover over your name to let the dropdown appear. Note that you need to have an administrator role on the platform in order to see the Settings menu item showing up. Menu dropdown

After clicking on the Settings menu item, you’ll arrive at your¬†city’s dashboard, which looks as following:

Your Citizen Participation Dashboard

Citizen participation dashboard
City dashboard: part 1

In a nutshell

This dashboard shows you how many new citizens signed up last week, how many new ideas were added, and how many new comments were submitted. In addition, all of these metrics are benchmarked against your last week’s performance, in order to know when to take critical actions and to steer your citizen participation in the right direction.

Visitors and gender

The row below shows how many visitors you received on your civic engagement platform last month. On the right side, you find a demographic representation of how many visitors are male vs. female. Note that all of these measurements can be shown per week, per month, per year, or over the whole period (i.e. as from when you started using CitizenLab).

Citizen participation dashboard
City dashboard: part 2

Visitors’ age¬†and new users

When you scroll down, you will see what the distribution of the age amongst the citizens looks like. This graph gives you a better insight in the representation of your citizens. In case that a popular idea on your city platform is to ban Pok√©mon Go fanatics from the main square and the age distribution graph shows that your citizens are mostly above 50 y.o. (which is not very likely at all, by the way), then you understand at least that this is the preference of only one represented citizen group.¬†You’ll probably see that especially younger citizens – who are difficult to reach out to for most of the cities and municipalities – find their way to the city platform.

Next to the age graph, you have an overview of how many new citizens registered on the city platform.

Ideas per topic and neighbourhood

Last but not least, CitizenLab offers you insights in which topics and neighbourhoods are most active. Based on this information, you know about which topics your citizens care the most. Also, the analysis of which neighbourhoods are most active will make you want to communicate more in underperforming neighbourhoods for instance.

Questions? Shoot!

Do you have any more questions about the dashboard and how to use it? Shoot us a message at with your question or feedback.