At CitizenLab, we never stop improving our product. Based on our daily experience and continuous research with both customers and end users.

After extensive research, we decided to give the homepage of each platform a facelift. This will be done in 3 steps. You’ll find the details of each steps, as well as the reasons for the change, below.

Step 1: Interactive banner & general styling

  • The current group of users is shown (with 3 random avatars) to create a sense of ‘community’.
  • Copy and layout of the banner image have been changed to focus more on the WHY of creating a user account. (copy and image remain unchanged for existing customers)
  • The ‘Start an idea’ button is removed from the navigation bar for 3 reasons:
    • It is rarely used.
    • It can lead to ‘superficial’ participation because it doesn’t give you the specific context of the project you want to post in.
    • We now focus on the action ‘Create an account’, which is the most logical first step to get started on the platform.
  • General design:
    • We chose a similar but more modern font.
    • There are two new color choices that can be set based on your own branding: a text color (e.g. for the elements in the navigation bar) and a second accent color (e.g. for the ‘Sign up’ button in the image)
  • And most importantly: the banner is now interactive. The figure above shows the situation for visitors who have not yet registered. Some other examples: complete your profile, cast your first vote, … This interactivity will allow us to incorporate even more personalization into your platform in the future.

Step 2: Renewed desplay of projects

  • We show a lot more context of each project. We do this to engage users to go specifically to certain projects and to participate once there:
    • At the top left, we show the time remaining in the current active phase of the project.
    • At the top right we show the participation method of the current phase (survey, citizen budget, consultation, …).
    • At the bottom left, we show the number of participants and some of their avatars.
    • At the bottom right, we show the number of actions taken in the project (number of ideas posted, number of votes, number of replies, …).
  • People can filter all projects on neighborhood to quickly discover the projects in their area.
  • The project sequence is chosen automatically. The most relevant projects are shown first. This ordering is based on a number of parameters: how many days left to participate, how ‘active’ is the participation methode, … This also offers possibilities to personalize the display of projects to users in a later phase.
  • We added a small button where users can post their feedback on the platform.

Step 3: Your personal space

  • Individual ideas are no longer displayed on the home page. Instead, we offer a new ‘open’ space to share relevant information. Think of news reports from your city or municipality, information about the purpose of the platform, an event that you want to put in the spotlight, or the focus on a specific project, … The possibilities are endless!
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