Beyond the emergency and the emotional reactions generated by the massive arrival of refugees in Europe, it’s time now to think about mid-term and long-term issues and opportunities. What can be done to increase the probability of success that refugees and migrants will find their place in the hosting societies and countries ? How can we turn the refugees’ arrival into opportunities together?

At CitizenLab we believe in the wisdom of the crowd while leveraging the power of technology. Together with the Positive Impact Entrepreneurs Brussels, we will gather ideas and think about concrete solutions to help refugees.

Hack with Refugees

This initiative consists of two pillars, both online and offline. In a first phase the CitizenLab co-creation platform will be used to “citizensource” the best ideas among citizens on  Everyone willing to participate, can share their ideas, comment on other proposals and set priorities by up- and downvoting. After collecting ideas on the platform, the top voted ideas will be turned into scalable projects during the Hack With Refugees Hackathon in Brussels. This national hackathon will involve all Belgian initiatives on the topic and aims at transforming the most promising ideas into concrete solutions.

Post your solution or idea!

What are you waiting for? Start sharing your ideas on how to turn the refugees’ arrival into opportunities together. Go to and take action!