The city of Geel has launched its city platform one week ago! They will use CitizenLab to gain insights in how the citizens imagine the future of Geel, in order to co-construct the urban plans.

Geel CitizenLab Platform
Geel’s CitizenLab platform

Geel promotes citizen participation

The digital platform of the city Geel has the goal of together with residents and entrepreneurs from Geel to think about the future of the city and its towns. Which things can be improved, what should be conserved and what do citizens think should be part of the future urban plans? Geel is a Belgian city located in the province of Antwerp, and counts more than 40.000 inhabitants. In the first week online, already more than 60 ideas were collected from citizens. Feel free to go have a look at

CitizenLab in your city?

CitizenLab is a civic engagement platform on which citizens co-create their city. The platform facilitates a two-way communication between the city and its citizens. Citizens post ideas, discuss them with each other and upvote the best ideas. On the other hand, the city uses CitizenLab to consult the opinion of its citizens and to crowdsource their creative solutions to an existing problem. Our ready-to-use, yet fully customisable software solution helps cities tap into the collective intelligence of the citizens in order to enrich urban decision-making with their insights.

Would you like to see CitizenLab in your city? Send us an email at Not a city official? You can still help us spread the word:
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