“How do the residents of Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia experience their capital?” This is what Flemish Minister for Brussels Affairs Sven Gatz (Open VLD) and his french-speaking colleague Rachid Madrane (PS) would like to know in order to co-create their policy. CitizenLab is helping them to organize this in a digital way.

How do you experience Brussels?

The online platform for the Citizens’ Cabinet

In recent months Brussels has not been out of the spotlight, mainly in a negative way. By organizing a “Citizens’ Cabinet” the ministers Rachid Madrane and Sven Gatz want to learn more about how Walloons, Flemish and Brussels look to Brussels and how to improve mutual understanding and respect.

What do they expect from Brussels? What attracts them in Brussels? Or what not? How can the relations between residents of Wallonia and Flanders and Brussels be strengthened? The discussions are split up in different topics such as living, student life, diversity, et cetera.

Anyone who wants to participate can immediately enter the discussions on the online platform in Dutch or French. This platform is provided by CitizenLab and our civic engagement specialists – together with Möbius and Synthetron – are helping the governments to engage as much citizens as possible.

Policy recommendations

The Citizens’ Cabinet consists of two phases: a preliminary phase through our online platform complemented by mini-burger cabinets. These mini Citizens’ Cabinets will bring together civil society organizations and their members to think on the topic of Brussels. The next phase will be a physical meeting in May 6 with in the Flemish and Walloon Parliament. There around 150 participants will be invited to debate on the topics of the online phase. In the end, policy recommendations will be formed. The same process will be implemented in the French-speaking part of Belgium.

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