Setting up a citizen platform is no small feat. It requires defining clear goals, juggling shifting deadlines and coordinating with multiple stakeholders, some of which are outside of the organisation. Efficient internal organisation is key to the success of the project, and yet it’s one of the main challenges that administrations face.

In order to help local governments tackle this challenge, our participation experts have designed an e-participation canvas. This form helps teams in charge of the project get organised by setting clear goals and agreeing on deadlines. Its aim is to get stakeholders to:

  • Brainstorm: filling the canvas is a good moment for stakeholders involved to define the end goal of the project. This is also the opportunity to define how that goal is going to be achieved and pick relevant metrics.
  • Get an overview: whether it’s months into the project or just days after the launch, it is always useful to be reminded at a glance of all the aspects of the process. This framework is also used by our participation specialists who are working with administrations to help them reach their goals.
  • Give transparency and accountability: the canvas helps make the purpose of the consultation clear. It also defines who is involved, and which goals they commit to.

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