If finding sizzling civic tech news online is silver, getting it sent directly to your inbox is definitely gold.

Long live the civic tech thought-leaders that gather everything there is to know in the field, then send it to you in bite-sized pieces! But with such a wide range of newsletters to follow, how do you make a selection?

Don’t fret — we’ve got this. Discover our selection of must-follow newsletters in the realm of civic tech. 


This one’s a no-brainer. As one of the world’s largest community of civil servants, policymakers and government-aficionados, Apolitical offers an insider’s perspective on civic tech and democracy.

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This newsletter from Bloomberg Philanthropies shines its light on innovation in the public sector. With previous editions on gamification of citizen engagement, human-centred design and the future of city innovation, this newsletter will always keep you on your toes. 

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GovLab Blog

Get the GovLab digest weekly to learn how data, blockchains, participatory democracies, AI and more can change cities. Tackling topics like data, collective intelligence and design thinking for the public sector, this newsletter will surely broaden your mind.

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GovTech doesn’t just offer one newsletter — no, there’s literally something for everyone. A daily update of new topics and trends? An update on building bridges across digital communities twice a week? Or a regular in-depth take on specific topics like business, higher education or IT? You take your pick, GovTech delivers.

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Keep an eye on the latest civic tech developments with the civic tech newsletter from g0v.news (‘gov-zero-news’), a platform that brings the latest trends from Taiwan, Asia, and across the world into your virtual living room.

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LINKS is a twice-monthly dive into a rich world of ideas, events and opportunities for everyone who’s interested in civic and social innovation. Previous editions tackled, among other things, government shutdowns, scaling change, and place-based community building. 

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Another big name in the world of civic tech! Sign up if you want to keep up with Nesta’s work, but also stay on top of new research, publications and upcoming events. 

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Coding It Forward

Coding it Forward claims to be “dedicated to empowering people to use their technology skills for social good,” and that’s right up our alley. This newsletter explores modern tech solutions to complex social questions. 

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There you go! Our secret treasure chest of resources to stay on top of civic tech at any time. And if you’re still hungry for more, don’t forget to subscribe to our own newsletter, where we share the latest CitizenLab updates and dive into some interesting case studies!