Over the past couple of years, the City Makers movement has been taking off. City Makers are people who singlehandedly initiate change in their urban surroundings and are shaping the city in transition. Citizens in different countries and contexts are inspired, either out of dissatisfaction or a strong believe in local social innovation, to take ownership over the livability of their neighborhoods and cities. This is a shift taking place all across Europe.

But if City Makers demonstrate their ability to self-organise, take charge and improve their surroundings, shouldn’t they also be given the acknowledgement and tools that independently creating such value requires?

New Europe

New Europe – Cities in Transition is a European network of City Makers aiming to enhance social innovation in urban development. The City Makers Agenda, one of their initiatives, is a step towards developing a strategy for City Makers, which will allow them to develop their position within the world of urban development and policy making.

CitizenLab is helping them to learn more about their network’s knowledge, experiences and best practices. On http://neweurope.citizenlab.co/ every City Maker can post his ideas, stories and methods and react on other City Makers. With this platform we are collecting data for the New Europe City Makers Pre-Summit on the 4th & 5th of February 2016.

We need your input!

What are your experiences, values and obstacles as a City Maker? How does your city compare to other cities? Go to http://neweurope.citizenlab.co/ and let your voice be heard!

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