More than one month ago, CitizenLab started — in collaboration with a community of Brussels-based positive impact entrepreneurs — crowdsourcing ideas about how to turn the arrival of refugees into opportunities. Everybody was (and still is) very welcome to post their ideas on the dedicated Hack With Refugees platform we’ve set up for ideation and prioritisation. Since then, the collective brainstorm has been a huge success. Let’s make a first roundup of #HackWithRefugees!

Impressive and heart-warming to see how so many people want to get involved and help co-creating solutions with a positive social impact. In only a month time, more than 125 civic hackers registered on the platform. In total, almost 70 ideas and existing projects have been generated. On these ideas there has been commented extensively and more than 365 votes were given to set priorities in which projects to work on during the hackathon.

Infographic #HackWithRefugees

Infographic #HackWithRefugees

Some of the most popular ideas so far…

  1. Make the city: DIY urban regeneration project of a city void by matching migrants and locals

  2. Skype-based platform connecting refugees with locals for language learning and conversation

  3. Refugee Soup Co.

  4. Tell refugees’ stories

  5. Set up duos of refugee / hosting guarantor having the same profession

  6. Integration by Sport / Football / Etc

  7. Provide micro credit and support to those who intend to start-up a business

  8. Mobile wi-fi spots for (stranded) refugees

  9. REFUGEES and US: invite them to take part in your hobbies

  10. Rent a room to a refugee

These are only some of the ideas posted on the platform. Go to, register in a few seconds and help us by sharing ideas, giving your opinion on others and voting for the proposed solutions.

Join the #HackWithRefugees hackathon!

During the weekend of January 22-24, the well-attended #HackWithRefugees hackathon will take place in Brussels. If you haven’t registered yet for the event, make sure to hurry up! Tickets are available here – or check out the event on Facebook first.

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